The Ultimate Python Masterclass – learn from scratch

Be a professional python programmer. Learn Simple and straightforward techniques of creating custom programs and games.

what’s inside the course

  • basic python programming language
  • make progems using python and create projects to add in your portfolio.
  • learn the basic of developing and AI using python
  • have a mindset of developers for making complex projects , fixing and debugging code
  • know how can you implement the knowledge of python in different projects like creating a website, app and more)
  • get the experience and confidence in problem solving
  • use python for intermediate to advanced level projects
  • learn to make Graphical UI using Tkinter

what you’ll need before enrolling

  • just a pc and internet connection


gain mastery over the basics concepts of python

This tutorial is designed to fulfill whatever was described in the title in a very simple manner. I will help to understand the basics of python with the help of live coding and other method like using examples, projects and quizzes. we will gradually move from the basics to intermediate concepts. I will make sure that you reach a level where you are all set to pursue a career in python.

how this tutorial can help you

python can seem quite confusing and difficult if we try to learn it on our own. i can tell this as i have been through this process and because of the help of my friends and mentors i became a professional python programmer. i will share all the things that i have learned with my students who are python beginners or developers. i believe that if this programming language is taught in a strategic manner then the large percentage of aspiring python coders can master python.and this is where my inspiration comes from

what you can achieve with this tutorial

i will provide you with lots of examples and and other resources to make your coding journey easier.I will teach how you can have a developer’s mindset for problem solving.

I give support like answering all your questions and clearing all your doubts along the way. i won’t be leaving things for you to learn on your own rather i will provide all the resources necessary to reach your goal of learning.Studies shows that for people to learn maximum from a tutorial the videos should be around ten minutes each. therefore keeping this in my all the video lectures are kept around this time.

My tutorials have the needed informations for you to become a a successful python developer.

How long will it take?

Although everyone is different, on average it has taken existing students between 4 – 6 weeks to complete the course, whilst developing their skills and knowledge along the way. It’s best not to speed through the content, and instead go through a handful of lectures, try out the concepts by coding, yourself, and move on once you feel you’ve grasped the basics of those lectures.

money back guarantee

yes offcourse. i am certain you would love this course as it will you more value than the money you will spend on it. but if for some reason you do not like the course then there is a no questions asked, full discount.

What materials are included?

most of the content is in video format. becsuse that’s how you can watch me live as i’m coding.

I will continuously add new videos and resource to the tutorial because of which the price of course will rise. feel free to contact me for any additional information.

so do not wait just enroll in this tutorial and i assure you won’t regret it.

i will see you inside the tutorial

Who’s this tutorial for?

  • Anyone who is willing to learn python
  • there is no requirement of any software
  • programmers who want to switch to some other programming language

Created by John Harper
Last updated 1/2018

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