The Complete Freelance Writing Online Course:Beginner To Pro

Do you wanna know how you can earn online simply by writing? take this course to make money from anywhere.

what you’ll know

  • Prepare some written pieces,testimonials in advance
  • Make and Market your official writing website so that you can reach your customers
  • Promote your business through various social media sites like fb, twitter any many others
  • Create amazing content which will help you gain and retain your customers
  • Create awesome press releases and spread it to reach maximum people through online tools
  • Learn how to create search engine friendly articles which will attract more customers and help you keep them
  • Learn how to Pitch different customers and for different types of works
  • With your skills and excellence, learn how to offer more than the client demands and make more money
  • Achieve the goal of full time earning through writing online and live life ad a freelance writer

what do you need

  • Having good command over the english language is necessary. you should know how to form proper sentences except that nothing more is needed


Have you ever wondered how life would be if you could live your life as a freelance writer and earn full time income by using your english skills to write online?

This tutorial is all you need if you truly want to build your carrer as a freelance writer. I have been making a full time income since 2012 when i left my job and chose this career. And I will teach you the exact same methods and help you make your living as a freelance writer from scratch.

Today I have the freedom to travel anywhere in the world and make money with my laptop, I work whenever i feel like working and I don’t have any boss. The best part of my job is that i get paid to do something that i like to do and I have enough time left to do other things in life that i am passionate about.

Trust me if I could quit my job to switch my career , you can too become free from you job and live a fulfilling life like me .I will throughly teach you the things you need to be a freelance writer and also provide you pitching template that you can use to gain your customers, I will give you all the tips and tricks that i used to rise for competition in the market.

You are apt to take this course if:

  1. You feel that you are stuck at your job and want to earn instead by writing
  2. You feel you don’t have enough time for yourself, and want more money and freedom to spend it according to your choices
  3. You are looking for a new career to switch and want to have income from no matter anywhere you live or travel but you have no clue how you can do it
  4. You feel tired of working all day and not getting enough money that you really deserve
  5. You work as a freelancer but you can’t pitch your customer to keep them and get work on a regular basis

You can have your money back within 30 days if you feel that this course could’nt provide enough value and it’s not worth your money

Additional benefits you get with this course:

An ebook for free to help people who are totally new in this field.this book will allow you to gain reputation withont and experience or any prior portfolio.You will also get some wrting clips that would fasten your journey of earning you first dollar from the internet

Templates & Checklists:

  • one email template that will help in pitching the customers
  • one job agreement template
  • one resource section that will link to all the tricks and tips of this business
  • with each lecture there are worksheet for better understanding

Take this learn and learn the following:

How to build a good reputation as a writer

i’ll teach you how to choose right niche for you and build an authority reputation around that niche.I’ll guide you along the process of creating an official website and teach you how you can tweak the pages to attract the customers to work with you.

How to market yourself as a freelance write

In this process you will learn various techniques like guest posting to attract clients.Then learn how you can use the power of social media to leverage the marketing of your writing business.

How can you become an expert in online writing industry

Sharpen your writing skills by learnig new strategies used for online writing .Be able to write articles that demands the user attention which will make you invalueble in the eyes of your customer.Learn the measures that should be taken for effective press release and know how you can write articles that are search engine friendly that will further increase the value of your content.

Make a full time living while having enough time doing things that truly matters to you

Know the secret method to apply to your business that is used by all high earning freelancers use.This will allow you to earn reccuring money, besides providing value to you customers.Have an idea how much you should be charging your customers,how and who to pith to.Get all the instructions along with email template that you can customize for yourself.

who should take this course:

  • This tutorial is apt for people who have a flair for writing and know how to start getting work and getting customers online.
  • its also suitable for those who are currently work as a writer and are’nt satisfied with their paychecks.
  • People looking to work online should take this course,this may not be the tutorial for those who want offine jobs like newspaper editing etc

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Last updated 1/2019

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