The Complete Flexbox Tutorial: Learn CSS3 Flexbox In 2018

In this course you will learn new css flexbox box model.And will be able to make responsive web layouts with ease!

What you’ll learn

  • Make nice layouts using css flexbox
  • Make new website designs with ease
  • Learn to code quality css which will be reusable.
  • Align elements straight
  • How to use full space in a container
  • learn to make flexbox galleries


  • need to have basic HTML & CSS knowledge
  • know how to use code editor


By the end of this tutorials, you would be able to use css to:

  • align any element straight
  • utilize full space
  • apply different website layouts
  • lots more

Extra perks of this tutorial:

  • I will answer all your questions to help you understand
  • manual and captions have been added to the tutorials
  • 3 mini projects will help you learn and practice whatever have been taught more effectively

Have a look at People’s reviews  

What a superb tutorial.its the 2nd course i have taken from Peter Sommerhoff. He is awesome teacher, who uses simple methods to help us learn.

– Ahmed

I am total fan of this tutorial, it helps us learn all we need in detail .He always pays heed to his students and gives quick answer. I am grateful for getting access to your tutorials,and want more of his courses!

– Ana

Awesome tutorial,the instructor explains it deeply and answer all the questions raised by his students.

– Dunja

This tutorial covers all the needed knowledge very fast and that too in detail .It gives enough information and documentations to learn quicky.

– Robert

I’m happy to get such reviews from the people who enrolled in my courses— and I’ll try to give you same value to you.

You can watch the sample videos to help to know whats inside the courses

i hope to see you inside my course


By the end, you will learn flexbox which are used in the real world to see how it can be used to make awesome layouts:

This tutorial also has a total flexbox cheatsheet which can be used by you to refresh the information learned in this tutorial and which you can refer to whenver you use flexbox.

In addition , I  have provided a demo flexbox showcase -which will act like a cheat sheet for you in which you can look in the browser and look for all properties and layout which you are to learn in the tutorial.

who can benefit from this tutorial:

  • The designers and developers who need to make their frontend skills better
  • Designers who need to make the productivity better
  • Anybody who wants to learn latest developments in web standards

Created by Peter Sommerhoff
Last updated 2/2018

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