Software Requirements Engineering


Software Requirements Engineering is a course designed to provide a comprehensive knowledge base and practical skills for anyone interested in implementing or improving Software Requirements Development and Management techniques and practices in their organization.

This course starts with an overview of software requirements groundwork basics, including definitions of terminology, a discussion of the importance of software requirements, an overview of software standards and models related to requirements and an introduction to the requirements engineering process.

You will learn how to define the vision and scope of a software product and how to identify the product’s stakeholders. The course will also discuss translating higher-level business and user requirements into software product requirements.

This course includes an overview of various requirements including concept of operations, software requirements specification. Students will learn to establish requirements baselines, perform requirements traceability and manage requirements change.

The emphasis in this course is on techniques that allow the students to transition the skills learned in this course to their own work environments.

Who is the target audience?

  • Software Students
  • Software Professionals
  • Software Engineers
  • Software Testers


  • An interest in learning software requirements engineering

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