Python for Data Structures, Algorithms, and Interviews!

Get a step ahead in your professional career and excel your coding interviews!

what’s inside

  • Create an exceptional resume
  • have a linkedin and github profile for recruiters
  • recognize all important data structures and algorithms
  • excel coding interviews after preparing with the tutorial’s mock interviews


basic or intermediate level of hands on experience with python


NOTE: in case you are a newbie to python, take a look at out my different course:complete python bootcamp to excel python!

Welcome to python for records structures, algorithms and interviews!

This is the most complete tutorial available on the internet that will help you excel with your coding interviews and study data structures and algorithms! This tutorial takes benefit of the easy to learn python programming language to correctly train you toward what you are supposed to know to land the tech jobs of your dreams!

This tutorial will train you the way you need to be to get a high-paying job within the software field, which includes:

  • developing an incredible resume
  • growing linkedin and github profiles for recruiters to discover
  • building and leveraging a community for job options
  • non-technical interview questions and answers
  • after -interview subjects (income negotiation and references education)
  • jupyter notebooks assessment
  • algorithm evaluation and big-o notation
  • array sequences
  • stacks queues and deques
  • linked lists
  • recursion
  • searching and sorting algorithms
  • trees
  • graph algorithms
  • riddles and brainteasers
  • 4 mock interviews!

Achieve your career dreams and get a amazing job opportunities by enrolling in this tutorial

Who is the audience

Anyone who is familiar with python programming seeking to begin a career in tech!

made by jose portilla
date 3/2017

length: 4.13gb

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