Professional Fully Accredited NLP Certification Course


This is a Professional Diploma Course that is fully accredited by CTAA – Complementary Therapists Accredited Association.

Explore all elements of NLP! This course is aimed at those who want to expand or start a business and become a NLP therapist or for those who are just curious about NLP.  Either way, this is a fantastic course with incredible content to help others or yourselves!

We offer 24/7 support for this course via email from the course tutor – Karen E Wells. We believe support during the course is absolutely essential but equally if you do not require our support that is no problem at all. There is no time limit for this course, so once purchased please take as long as you need to complete it.

Our Online Professional Neuro Linguistic Programming Course provides you with all the information required to incorporate the many benefits of NLP into your or your client’s life.

With careful practice and application of the information contained within this course, you will be able to use NLP in a professional capacity.

The name NLP provides an indication as to how the system works. ‘Neuro-Linguistic’ is relative to the functions of the body and to the language interface, while ‘Programming’ determines the individual’s models relative to their personal world. It is the correlation between mind, language and behaviour.

NLP is a valuable tool for change as a stand alone therapy or combined with Hypnotherapy.

Our easy to work through video modules & fully in depth training manual include:

  • Introduction To The Course
  • Your NLP Training Manual
  • What Is NLP?
  • Directing Your Life
  • Take Control
  • Communication
  • The Communication Process
  • Building Rapport
  • Anchors
  • The Meta Model
  • Accreditation
  • Bonus Lecture

Upon successful completion of the final assessment, you will receive a Diploma in Professional NLP. We are an accredited school of CTAA (Complementary Therapist Accredited Association) and you can join this upon completion of the course (additional cost along with public liability insurance) However, your certificate for the course is included within this package.

Who this course is for:

  • Anyone with an interest in NLP that may wish to use the skills on themselves or for those that want to start their own business as an NLP coach.
  • It is also suited for those that are already qualified in other therapies and wish to add NLP to their existing therapy skills.


  • The great thing is that absolutely no pre-requirements are needed before taking this course, other than an internet connection, a pen and paper for your notes.

Last updated 3/2019

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