Mastering Advanced C Programming: Pointers (In Depth)

master pointers in c programming with single pointer,double,triple pointer,generic ,null pointers,memory leaks etc.

What’s inside

  • get depth knowledge on pointer
  • be capable of checking realistic information with quizzes
  • how actually pointers are adjusted in computer memory
  • single, double , triple pointer
  • the concepts of lvalue and rvalue that most people don’t realize
  • type mismatch
  • mathematics operation on pointer
  • pre and post increment pointer
  • generic , null pointers
  • segmentation faults
  • pointers with const keyword
  • dynamic memory allocation
  • hidden ideas of malloc , calloc, realloc that most of the coders don’t understand
  • memory leaks and dangling reference

What do you need before enrolling

you should have basic level understanding and experience of c programming language


To be an professional c programmer you need to grasp on pointers. The course give an explanation for pointers along with providing in depth knowledge and hands on experience! You will study all of the ideas which can be very valuable to understand the real core of pointers which most of the text books and free youtube video don’t never provide.

In this direction you will get:

  • 5 hours of high definition video
  • quizzes after every video to check your understanding
  • coding quizzes and exercises
  • c codes of all the programmes!

This is not a tutorial for the novices. This is an intermediate stage tutorial. Who have the basic understanding of c programming language and want to move to the development degree can actually fascinated about pointers can take the tutorial.

If you’ve struggled with pointers and require to fill the knowledge gap then you are most welcome to enroll in this course.

This tutorial is designed in a completely scientific way, in a series of short, tightly-focused training, where you will study all about:

  • laptop memory and how pointers get entry to it
  • how memory is allotted
  • what takes place when you ‘cast’ pointers to unique types
  • why a few pointers are ‘generic’
  • what occurs if type mismatch problem occurs and the ways to avoid it.
  • Malloc, calloc, realloc with actual hands on in depth!

With this tutorial we offer you all the source codes in c. So just download and run your code on your ide!

Who this route is for:

  • interested in advanced c programming language
  • desires to know pointer concepts in real depth

made by up degree
updated 6/2019
english [auto-generated]

length: 1gb

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