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This is an introductory PySide courae. The purpose of this course is to get you started with the PySide toolkit.PySide is Python library to create cross-platform graphical user interfaces.

It is a Python binding to the Qt framework. Qt library is one of the most powerful GUI libraries. PySide is implemented as a set of Python modules. Currently it has 15 modules.

These modules provide powerful tools to work with GUI, multimedia, XML documents, network or databases.

In our tutorial, we will work with two of these modules. The QtGui and the QtCore modules.The QtCore module contains the core non GUI functionality.

This module is used for working with time, files and directories, various data types, streams, URLs, mime types, threads or processes. The QtGui module contains the graphical components and related classes.

These include for example buttons, windows, status bars, toolbars, sliders, bitmaps, colours, fonts etc.

PySide has been released after Nokia, the owner of the Qt toolkit, failed to reach an agreement with Riverbank Computing to include the LGPL as an alternative license. PySide has a high API compatibility wit PyQt4, so migrating to PySide is not difficult.

Let’s get started with this course on PySide.

Who is the target audience?

  • Anyone who wants to learn Python and become a Python developer


  • An interest to learn PySide

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