Create ARFoundation App & TEMPLATE For AR Photo App.

Know how you can create an app that uses augmented reality to decide the furniture placement and also get the template for an app like google stickers.

what’s inside

  • study ARFoundation and its usage with ARCore and ARKit
  • know how you can create dynamin menus that can be used be AR and non AR projects
  • know how can you place AR objects onto a surface by the use of a tap.
  • know how to place ar objects on a surface with the use of an automatic placement technique
  • know how and where you can put free top quality models in your projects.
  • know how to add animations in the models
  • know how to link the model to the ar world .
  • know how you can integrate a ui in the project

what you’ll need before enrolling

  • you should have basic level knowledge of unity .
  • you must have some idea about Augmented reality.
  • you will need a pc and a phone to run AR


There wil be two sections in this tutorial
1) First will show you how you can make a very simple app for furniture placement , except that

2) I’ll also provide you the full template code for an app that will allow you to capture AR Photos and then i’ll show you how you can edit the template to add your own Gameobjects.
You will be also able to download a ready made app built from that template, for that you have to simply search for “AR Photo Tutorial Satwant” on the Google Play Store.

you are going to use Unity for programming and Unity’s official ARFoundation package, for your code to run on Android & IOS AR devices.:

The first section is a simple AR furniture placement tutorial.

1) we will make a menu that displays the objects.

2) you will study how you can automatically place the objects on the ground.

3) know from where you could get various gameobjects for free.

4) learn how to make the camera automatically rotate towards the camera

5) more lectures on hiding the ARPlane and Adding estimation of light.

The second section will teach how to edit the template which allows you to:

1)change the icons and gameobjects and make it whatever you want

2) rotate objects with your fingers.

3)scale your objects with two fingers.

4) capture a photo of the AR image with environment.

5)add sounds and animations to the gameobjects

how can a user interact if items can’t be dropped into your games ? I’ll teach the basic skill needed to make this happen.

So who is this tutorial for? Well, if you know the fundamentals of unity and would want to add AR skills to your projects then this tutorial is for you.
If you do NOT have any idea of what unity is , and don’t know how to use unity to build something, this tutorial isn’t for you.

you can watch the free demo videos to see if this is the right course for you or not.if you get stuck somewhere i’am always there to help you out.if you think you enjoyed and learnt something from the videos then you can enroll in this tutorial!
You must have an AR compatible phone, it can be an iPhone or android, I’ve created this tutorial with android but the code works fine but ios device as well.

Who this tutorial is for:

  • people who have started learning unity and have basic knowledge of unity and who wishes to learn to make AR apps.
  • people wants to know how they can create an essential menu which they can use in their future AR projects.

made by Satwant Kenth
updated 3/2019
English [Auto-generated]

Size: 8.23 GB

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