ChatBots: Messenger ChatBot – DialogFlow And Nodejs

Learn how to create chatbots with their own dialogs using dialogflow. Create an application that will work in the backend for attaching the chatbot to internet services and databases

What’s inside

  • learn the workings of a chatbot
  • Create a facebook chatbot
  • increase the flexibility of the chatbot by using custom codes
  • study language processing with dialogflow in detail
  • learn and implement the facebook api
  • know how to grab information from the chats
  • implement all message type like text,video etc
  • get a codebase that is extendible
  • learn how to add rich media messages in the database
  • build a chatbot that answers people‘s frequently asked questions

what you’ll need before enrolling

  • You should have little knowledge about chatbots and how they work
  • For the second part of the tutorial you need to have experience with javascript and nodejs


Have you ever wanted to make a chatbot all by yourself? a bot that can communicate with you friends family or the customer whenever you are sleeping or doing whatever you like. You can create one for your customers that always ask same questions to you. Or maybe if you got a group of fans and followers who always wants to have your personal can simply use your imagination to think of instances where you have to repeatedly answer the same questions to a lot of people and here you can you your very own bot who will answer those questions for you.

In the 1st part we’ll together create a chatbot which will answer the FAQs of people , and for that no programming skills will be needed

We are going to take dialogflow in use which will know what the user want to know

In the 2nd half of the tutorial we will use javascript and nodejs knowledge to upgrade the bot to do the other things.

Our bot will be able to remember things like the information or can connect with different API services.This bot will allow us to grasp external info and practicality.

And always know that i will be there anytime for you to answer all your question

At the end of this tutorial you will be able to create a complete practical chatbot and make it learn different dialog to use with different customers.You will be able to create chatbots for you as well as your customers.


NOTE : almost all video lessons are updated. we will be using dialogflow v2 in our tutorial to create chatbot dialogs


Applications like fb wants people to spend more time on their apps so they are investing lots of resources on this technology and creating bots and integrating in into their apps to engage their audience and to make sure they remain active.

You can be among the early starters in this field and grap the massive oppotunity

So let us now together make some awesome chatbots.

Who this tutorial is for:

  • people who can realize the extreme potential of chatbots
  • anyone who wants in depth knowledge of dialogflow
  • anyone who wants to create chatbots and integrate it in messenger
  • those of you who wants the bot to answer repetitive faq’s people ask
  • People who wants bots to talk to their friends, family, and customers or fans

You should not enroll in this tutorial if you dont have any idea what chatbot is.i’ll suggest you to have a look at the sample videos first and then decide if it is the right course for you!

made by Jana Bergant
updated 7/2019

Size: 5.44 GB

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