Android – Make a Professional Dictionary App from Scratch

A totally project based android app development tutorial to create a professional english dictionary from beginning till the end.

What’s inside

  • build a expert android app to include it as our portfolio
  • research asynctask to do job behind the scene
  • incorporating sqlite database outside
  • creating listview with recyclerview and cardview

What you’ll need before enrolling

  • hands on experience in java programming
  • basic knowledge of android apps development
  • We will be using android studio throughout the course


The best way to learn android development is by creating an app

And this is exactly what we are going to do in this tutorial.

This tutorial is absolutely project based.

From developing an app in android studio to the completion. All this would take a little over one hour.

A actual lifestyles professional app that would be ready to be published in the play store.

A expert and modern-day android app and not just some thing for gaining knowledge with a sloppy user interface.

In this tutorial, you’ll discover ways to build a professional english dictionary app.

  • Do you have got the fundamentals of android app development and you are ready to take the further step?
  • Are you an android developer who desires to upgrade your android skill?
  • Or you want to create stunning apps?

Then this is the tutorial for you.

With only a few hours of content, this tutorial will switch your android skills.

Don’t wait and enroll today. I am hoping to see you in my tutorial!

Who’s the apt to take this course

  • Everyone who is familiar with the basics of android app development and needs to take the step further
  • anyone who wants to create an expert looking app that’s ready to be published on play store
  • this course is not for students who does’nt have any prior programming experience
  • also not for students who wants to learn the fundamentals of android development

made by riad hasan
date 10/2018

size: 668. 17 mb

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