Algorithmic Problems in Python

Analyze recursion, backtracking (n-queens problem etc.) and dynamic programming (knapsack problem and so forth.)

what you’ll analyze

  • recognize backtracking
  • recognize dynamic programming
  • resolve problems from scratch
  • implement feedforward neural networks from scratch

What do you need before enrolling

fundamental python knowledge


this tutorial will teach the basic principles of algorithmic problems, that specialize in recursion, backtracking and dynamic programming. these techniques are very essential nowadays, algorithms may be used (and have numerous packages) in several fields from software program engineering to investment banking or r&d.

Phase 1:

  • what’s recursion
  • stack memory and recursion
  • factorial numbers hassle
  • fibonacci numbers
  • towers of hanoi hassle
  • recursion vs iteration

Phase 2:

  • what is backtracking
  • n-queens problem
  • hamiltonian cycle hassle
  • knight’s tour trouble
  • coloring trouble
  • np-complete problems

Phase 3:

  • what’s dynamic programming
  • fibonacci numbers
  • knapsack hassle
  • coin alternate problem
  • rod cutting hassle

in every segment we will communicate about the theoretical background for all of these algorithms then we are going to implement these issues separately.

The first chapter is about recursion. Why is it essential to know about recursion as a computer scientist? Why stack memory is vital in recursion? We are able to recollect several recursion associated issues including factorial problem or fibonacci numbers. The second chapter is about backtracking: we can speak about troubles which includes n-queens problem or hamiltonian cycles and coloring problem. Within the ultimate chapter we are able to talk approximately dynamic programming, concept first then the concrete examples separately: fibonacci series hassle and knapsack hassle.

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Who this tutorial is for:

this tutorail is meant for newcomers who are not familiar with algorithmic troubles or students seeking out a refresher course

made by holczer balazs
updated four/2019
english [auto-generated]

length: 826mb

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