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Course Updated:  Nov 01. 2016

Do you seriously want to learn Microsoft Excel 2013 from scratch to advanced level, want to get employed by your local big companies and want to get up to 40% higher salary than the other employees in your company?

Then, DO NOT WASTE YOUR TIME and MONEY! Enroll into this most comprehensive Microsoft Excel 2013 training course.

The satisfaction with this course is guaranteed.

  • 30 Days FULL REFUND of your money is guaranteed if you are not satisfied with this course. If you really want to be a Pro user of Excel, just take this course. Nothing to lose. If you don’t like the course, you will get FULL REFUND.
  • You will get LIFETIME ACCESS to this course. So, you will be able to re-take this course for unlimited times.

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How this Excel training course is designed for you:

  • Section 1: Welcome section. Course organization, get working files download link, and get new lectures and homework updates.
  • Section 2: Excel environment.
  • Section 3: Manage Excel workbook and worksheets
  • Section 4: Enter and edit data in a worksheet.
  • Section 5: Excel cells and ranges.
  • Section 6: Workbook and worksheet operations.
  • Section 7: Excel tables.
  • Section 8: Formatting worksheets.
  • Section 9: Advanced features related to Excel files.
  • Section 10: Excel templates.
  • Section 11: Setup and print Excel worksheets.
  • Section 12: Function and formula basics.
  • Section 13: Useful mathematical functions.
  • Section 14: Excel charts.
  • Section 15: Advanced formulas.
  • Section 16: Advanced chart techniques.
  • Section 17: Conditional formatting.
  • Section 18: Excel security.
  • Section 19: Graphic Objects.
  • Section 20: Data validation techniques in Excel.
  • Section 21: Excel as a database.
  • Section 22: Project: Build an Excel template from scratch.

By Enrolling into this course, you will be able to:

  • Learn Microsoft Excel 2013 from scratch to intermediate and advanced level.
  • Practice Excel problems regularly with new challenge. This course will provide you new new Excel problems in every week.
  • Get a very good job if you are about to graduate from university. Most of the businesses now a days use Excel heavily.
  • Increase your salary up to 40%. Search on Google with this query: “EXCEL USERS GET HIGHER SALARY”. On average Excel users get 12% HIGHER SALARY.
  • Solve Excel problems with great efficiency.
  • Get solved your very own Excel problems. The instructor is a full-time Excel blogger. So, he loves to solve new problems in Excel.
  • Get prompt answers & support from the instructor within 24 hours!
  • Search any topic in Excel using the VIDEO INDEX DASHBOARD. Video Index Dashboard will help you to find out the relevant video number of a topic.
  • Get all the Excel related materials from one course. You will get 220+ Excel Keyboard Shortcuts PDF with this course.
  • Get downloadable Workbooks, Handouts and Materials during the course.
  • Enroll into another Excel course COMPLETELY FREE where you will build Excel related projects.

…want more? JOIN THE COURSE. Your any suggestion will be highly appreciated to make it the best Excel related course.

Join with over 917 successful students taking this course!!!

About the instructor of this course:

The instructor of this course has extensive experiences in Excel, Excel VBA and .NET frameworks:

  • The author of this course has a Computer Science and Engineering degree from the topmost university in his country.
  • He is a dedicated full-time Excel, Excel VBA and Business Analytic blogger.
  • He has a teaching experience of 18 years.
  • He learns new things in Excel, Excel VBA and Business Analytic regularly and shares free tutorial on his blog.
  • As a full-time Excel, Excel VBA and Business Analytic blogger, he will be here or on his blog with your every problem.
  • As a consultant in many Excel projects, he has vast knowledge on real-life Excel problems.

So, learn Excel from someone who loves Excel and Excel VBA, who lives with Excel and Excel VBA 365 days a year, who learns new things in Excel regularly, who runs a blog on Excel and who loves teaching.

Who this course is for:

  • This Excel course is both for newbies who are not familiar with Excel, and for intermediate and advanced level Excel users looking for deep dive into Excel 2013.
  • If you consider yourself as a professional Excel user, this course is also for you.
  • If you are looking for a job, this course is mandatory for you as you will learn Excel from the very beginning.
  • This course is not for students who think they can learn Excel without practicing.


  • Determination and dedication for learning this course from start to end.
  • Microsoft Excel 2013 Office Suite installed in a Computer.
  • An Internet Connection.

Last updated 8/2016

Size: 5.3 GB


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