A Beginner’s Guide To Machine Learning With Unity

Build Advanced video games ai with genetic algorithms, neural networks & q-learning in c# and tensorflow

what you’ll study

  • construct a genetic set of rules from scratch in c#.
  • Construct a neural community from scratch in c#.
  • Setup and discover the unity ml-agent plugin.
  • Setup and use tensorflow to train game characters.
  • Use a proximal policy optimisation to teach a neural networks.


  • you have to be acquainted with the unity game engine.
  • You should have a work expertise of c#.
  • You have to have a knowledge for arithmetic and data.


what if you can build a character that might learn even along with playing?This is what machine learning in video games is all about. In this tutorial we will discover the charming world of artificial intelligence and have a look at the ever increasing number of famous domain of machines that learn how to think for themselves.

In this tutorial , penny introduces the famous machine learning techniques of genetic algorithms and neural networks using her across the world acclaimed teaching fashion and knowledge from a ph. D in sport person ai and over 25 years revel in running with video games. Similarly she’s written award winning books on games ai . Through-out the course you’ll follow along with hands-on workshops designed to teach you about the essential m/c learning techniques distilling the arithmetic in a way that the subject becomes accessible to the maximum noob of noobs.

Discover ways to program and paintings with:

genetic algorithms;
neural networks;
human player captured schooling units;
reinforcement gaining knowledge of;
cohesion’s ml-agent plugin; and,
contents and evaluate

The tutorial starts off with a radical exam of genetic algorithms on the way to ease you into one of the only gadget gaining knowledge of strategies that is capable of exquisite mastering. You’ll broaden an agent that learns to camouflage, software wherein the birds learn to make it through a maze and environment and bots that learn how to stay on a platform.

After that you’ll dive proper into growing your very personal neural network in c# from scratch. With this fundamental neural community you’ll discover how to train behaviour, capture and use human participant to train an agent and teach a bot to drive.

By using this course you’ll feel assured with the terminology and strategies used in the course Collectively with tensorflow you’ll be reinforcing their understanding to live in a diffusion of recreation surroundings eventualities. With the help of the course you’ll have a properly equiped toolset of simple and solid device mastering algorithms as a way to see you able to decipher the modern day research guides and combine the trends .

If you are a developer that makes use of c# and unity then this course if perfect for understanding math examples and demonstration of the tensorflow power inner unity. After this tutorial, you may get the robust fundamental historical past within the machine learning. The course is highly engaging and full of information. I start by teaching the primary lesson and it is never ending .

Who this tutorial is for:

  • Anybody looking to find out about the capacity of device in video games.
  • People who need deeper expertise of the algorithms and theories underlying machine learning
  • Anybody trying to understand how to setup unity games

Made by penny
last updated 6/2019

length: 3. 23 gb

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